Condo living in Guelph, Ontario

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Monterey Park Condominiums at 105 and 107 Bagot Street, Guelph

Monterey Park - 105-107 Bagot Street

Monterey Park Condominiums is made up of 105 and 107 Bagot Street in Guelph. The buildings offer a combined 146 units at an affordable price.
$340,000 - $590,000

Gordon Square at 1878 and 1880 Gordon Street, Guelph

Gordon Square - 1878-1880 Gordon Street

Gordon Square Condominiums will be a three tower development from the Tricar Group. The first two towers house 348 units and offer luxury living and amenities.
$540,000 - $1,780,000

Parkview Terrace at 281 Bristol Street, Guelph

Parkview Terrace - 281 Bristol Street

Parkview Terrace at 281 Bristol Street in Guelph offers just 32 units ranging from 988 up to a two story 2,163 square foot penthouse suite.
$480,000 - $740,000

V2 Condos at 106 Bard Boulevard, Guelph

V2 Condos - 106 Bard Boulevard

V2 Condos at 106 Bard Boulevard in south Guelph offers 76 spacious one and two bedroom units - with or without a den. Starting at 790 square feet and available as large as 2,152 square feet.
$440,000 - $940,000

Market Commons at 5 Gordon Street, Downtown Guelph

Market Commons - 5 Gordon Street

Market Commons at 5 Gordon Street is in the heart of downtown Guelph. It offers 55 residential units plus main floor commercial space.
$440,000 - $620,000

Mill Lofts at 26 Ontario Street, Guelph

Mill Lofts - 26 Ontario Street

Mill Lofts at 26 Ontario Street in downtown Guelph is a former spinning mill that operated until 1975. It was converted into condominium lofts in 2003.
$480,000 - $830,000